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Im lonely and i want to talk to girls on the web is that possible?

Question by : Im lonely and i want to talk to girls on the web is that possible?
I’m 16 year old guy and a bit of a geek. i am really lonely and want to talk to girls over the web is there a site that lets me do that? facebook does not work because i don’t know many people. im not so much looking for a girl friend at least not yet but just a person to talk to.

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Answer by Amanda456
You got your lady right here (-;

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5 Responses to Im lonely and i want to talk to girls on the web is that possible?

  1. ---- says:

    No such site exists. Do not search that low to cure you’re loneliness.

  2. LasVegasMOM says:

    There are all kinds of places to meet girls! Perhaps a little confidence would help you!

  3. Kaylie says:

    I wouldn’t. The only sorts of people you meet on dating sites are desperate and ready for a serious relationship, and besides that it’s kind of creepy talking to a total stranger online. Besides that, most are men and women in their 30s and 40s. Make some real friends! Join a club, or get a penpal if you aren’t comfortable speaking to someone face to face. Good luck 🙂

  4. Maria Fransisca says:

    You should start learning about how to talk to girls or get a girlfriend so you can talk to her and tell her all your problems.
    if you dont know where to start i suggest you reading books.. thats what i did
    this website have a good ones

  5. kellkell says:

    If you write you can go on writing sites, I mostly perfer allpoetry and storywrite, there are some people who don’t write and just want to talk on there so you could do that if you don’t like to write. The majority of people on there are teenagers and theres over a thousand. All you have to do is join, theres alot of nice people on there who love to talk to random people.:)

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