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How often should I initiate a text conversation with my new girlfriend?

Question by Ethan: How often should I initiate a text conversation with my new girlfriend?
A girl and I have recently decided to start dating after we had lunch together, and I don’t want to seem too clingy or attatched with her (Even though I probably want be a little :p) by messaging her every day. When we talk through text usually it’s for about two-four hours, and I want to know how often I should initiate a conversation. I’m sure it would build up to everyday, and phone calls and stuff, but I’m just wondering how I should act for the first month or so of our relationship.
At the moment I try to talk with her every second-third day.

Best answer:

Answer by Shelbie Lutz
If she’s not texting you first, she’s waiting for you to text her first. Obviously every girl wants a text in the morning, text her “good morning beautiful,” but not everyday, wish her sweet dreams at night, ask her about her day, how she slept small things like this, they’ll initiate more topics to talk about, if something crazy happens at work or whatever that is too long to text ask her if she minds you calling, cause what you have to tell her is too long to text her! I hope it works out

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2 Responses to How often should I initiate a text conversation with my new girlfriend?

  1. Pyro1H says:

    If you like her text her once a day to initiate texting just little stuff like how are you I had fun with you at the movies stuff like it should be fine and if she smothered she’ll let you know it should be all good though

  2. claire says:

    okay, i know that the girl will want you to text her,my boyfriend done that and i ended up thinking he didn’t care, don’t loose your girl because you don’t text her.

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